We have 32 branches in 28 countries. We do not sell directly to end users.

We manufacture Mobile Milk Processing Factory. It pasteurizes the milk, separates the cream and bottles the milk.

Tested with milk has zero pathogens. HTST system. Continuous system, not a batch system. It pasteurizes the milk, separates the cream and bottles the milk. Our design, patented, simple to operate, robust, no electronics. Lifetime warranty on static components, 10 years free replacement on movable parts. All new components. Designed & Engineered by us under our patent & assembled with European & US parts to USDA standards.

The lowest priced and highest quality in the world. You do not need a building. Simply connect electricity and water and you are ready to operate 24/7 operation. Self-cleaning back wash and self-disinfecting CIP. Ideal for small dairies. Pasteurize your own milk to make other by-products.

You can process cow’s milk, buffalo, goat, sheep, milk powder, syrups, also almond milk, etc. You get whole milk, or 2%, or no fat milk and pasteurized cream (to make butter or ice cream). Fill bottles from quarter of a liter (a quart) to 5 liters (one gallon).  Square or round bottles. Plastic or glass bottles. Twist cap or press on cap. Metal or plastic cap. No such diversified equipment at this price & quality exists in the market. Check the Internet. Small local production is the norm now. Additional choice: Versatile. Built on 6 separate modules (frames/skids) which can be dismantled and re-assembled inside a building within a day for more workspace.

Use the container as storage. Download the Excel from our website to calculate your profitability (cost per unit of milk-metric or imperial) and see if our Mobile Milk Factory is viable for your operation. Built to perform for hard use without downtime 24/7 servicing multiple villages. The system is 400 volts, three phase, 65 KW, 50 Hz. Delivery minimum 60 day to maximum 90 days from date of order. Weight 30,000 Lbs. (15 metric tons). Price includes our dairy engineer to come to your place to demonstrate the factory, teach, and make samples for 3 days. We will send enough samples of bottles & caps along with the factory.

Financing available for 5 years term 6% interest with 20% down payment.  

Contact: Vartan Vahramian | 1-661-263-1482 | Email: Vartan at sevouk.com

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